Now Page

In this page you can find out what is going on in my life at the moment. Inspired by the Now Now Now Project.

🌍 Current Location

  • Athens, Greece 🇬🇷
  • Adjusting to living here again and getting back into good habits

🎯 Focusing on

  • Getting some personal/legal/tax issues I’ve been avoiding sorted
  • Organizing personal documents

🤓 Learning

  • Webflow
  • Jekyll (the static site generator powering this website)
  • Liquid templating language (for Jekyll)
  • Airtable - advanced integrations

📚 Reading

  • Lots of articles on Instapaper (let’s me speed read and has built-in Wiktionary support, so I prefer it over Pocket)

✅ Doing

Here are my most recent Makerlog achievements. Aiming to log more often without skipping days.

That’s it for now! I try to keep this updated as much as I can.

Latest Update: July 17, 2019