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What is this page?

It’s the answer to “what are you up to lately?” Learn more about the Now Now Now project.

Latest Update: May 4th, 2021

I got a Nintendo Switch a couple of weeks ago and love it. As expected, I don’t play with it that long, but the local multiplayer games are so worth it (especially ARMS, you have to try it)! The downside is I haven’t done any skating since I got it. 😅

The past couple of weeks I’ve been making small improvements to this websites on a regular basis. It’s so much better than stressing over big redesigns! I’ve made peace with the fact it’s gonna be a constant WIP, and that’s freeing. Whenever I get an idea, I start building it. Right now I’m working on adding:

  • a space for writing/sharing my thoughts
  • a “tools” page with software recommendations / UPDATE: Done → Tools page
  • a “favorite books” section to my reading page
  • multilingual support (English + Greek, my native language)
  • custom icons to the navbar (I made due with emoji for now, but they look different on each platform) / UPDATE: Done

💡 Idea

I like this Now page a lot, because I can write whatever without worrying about it being great. What I don’t like is that each time I update it, I delete the previous update.

So I’m toying with the idea of turning it into a personal changelog. Basically kinda like a blog, where each post is an iteration of the Now page. That way I wouldn’t lose previous updates and I’d piece together part of the story of my life. 😛

A few things I’m grateful for lately

  • 💚 I’m healthy and fit
  • ❤️ The people I love are healthy and fit
  • 👫👭 I spend quality time with my friends every week
  • 🎮 I bought a Nintendo Switch!
  • ⛸️ I started roller skating (coming from a background of ice skating)!
  • 🇯🇵 My Japanese has improved to the point where I can play Japanese games and roughly understand what’s going on 😅

Previous update, April 16, 2021

I completely redesigned this website today. It’s 1 A.M. now and I’m finishing up the Jekyll configuration. I think it’s worth sacrificing sleep on rare occassions to get something done. I know I wouldn’t get it done this month if I stopped earlier today.

The site is not perfect by any means but it’s mine. It was mine before, sure, but I’d made it using Webflow and customizing the exported code. This time it’s all mine — unless you count using Tachyons CSS as cheating? I think it’s more of a very convenient shortcut.

Anyway, it’s still a WIP and I’ll keep adding pages and info, but the groundwork has been laid. My ambition is to have a flexible website that I can easily customize as time goes on and upload new works — which was time consuming before because I hadn’t baked it into the site from the beginning.

I finally know what I’m doing!

PS: It switches between light and dark mode depending on the visitor’s system setting 🧡