young person with beaming smile and long dark hair waving at the camera with both hands Handdrawn stickers: a burger, headphones, a rainbow, the MegaMan Battle Network emblem, a barbell, and a Pokeball

Who are you?

I’m Anna, a digital native designer and technophile who draws.

What do you do professionally?

I design digital interfaces and build websites. My core skills are user interface and experience design (UI/UX). I have a knack for making complex information easy to understand and powerful interfaces easy to use.

When time allows, I take on freelance design and development projects for assorted clients around the world.

Previously, I spent years managing business operations for international commerce firms. I’m a recovering perfectionist with a diverse skill set. I try my best, but sometimes I get burned out.

Currently doing UI Design at Shopflix. Previously managing operations and making sites at Theeta B.V., designing at The Smiling Hippo and doing customer support at Tempo.

What makes you tick?

Challenges I can rise up to.

I want to do good in the world. I don’t feel I have yet.

All sorts of projects excite me, but the ones I crave are those that’ll help others: software that makes your life easier, apps that brighten your day, websites that promote equal rights.

What else?

I love sketching out concepts for apps I’d want to use and am looking forward to learning how to build them too!

Online, I hang out on Product Hunt (PH is full of low-quality ‘products’ these days…), read comics, watch anime, go down rabbit holes of all sorts, and learn how to build things for the web.

Offline, I’m into lifting weights, inline and ice skating, reading books, playing board games, and learning languages, to name a few.

Now what?