mobile app design concept

Time Tracker Concept

I used to wonder where my time went. I tried some personal time trackers, but found them complicated and inconvenient. I liked the concept of an hourly tracker, and made my own.

Concept & Design

A strip at the top, colored to represent the change of the sky’s color during course of a day, reminds you how long you have left until the day is over.

Each hour is assigned an icon besed on the activity you type, to give you a quick overview of your day when you look back.

A line visually separates hours past, from time yet to come, grounding you.

Working prototype

I quickly made a working prototype in Coda (where I don’t have much control over the design), which I’ve been using every day since. I find I’m more mindful about how I spend my time because I mentally check in with myself during the day, in order to log my time later.