I'm a fan of lightweight websites that don't make use of heavy databases.

Instead, I build static sites that are much faster and more flexible, then make them work with a static CMS for content creation and on-the-go editing.

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Traditional websites are a lot of work to maintain.

You need to pay for a server every month, forever to host a site built on Wordpress or other Content Management Systems (CMS). That server needs to work all the time, build the website from the ground up every time there’s a new visitor. Unless you’re building something very complex, like a social network, that’s not at all necessary.

Static sites on the other hand don’t require a CMS. No server to pay for, no updates to install, no viruses to worry about. But how do you update the content?

That’s where static site generators come in. They update the website only once when you add new content; not many times, one for each visitor. That makes the website faster, cheaper to maintain (as in totally free) and it will always work, no matter where you put it.


Techomax | Tech Wholesaler

Bilingual corporate website complete with forms and embedded widgets that are integrated with the Airtable database used to keep track of clients, orders and everything else relating to the business (e.g. customer application form, products page that shows the current inventory).
Everything is set-up in such a way, that no server is required for hosting (static website, built with Jekyll, hosted on Netlify.)


Website Design & Development, complex back-end database for business administration, incl. customer application form on website


Static website built with Jekyll, Airtable database, hosted on Netlify at no cost

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Bistrot 46 | Café Restaurant

The owners wanted to promote their bistrot's fun, live music nights as well as their homemade food, to both locals and tourists.
First we had a meeting to discuss the direction of the project, then photographed all the dishes, built the website and finally the editable menu.


Website Design & Development, Food Photography, Airtable Database (menu)


Static website with a menu widget embedded from Airtable (owners can update the menu themselves)

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