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Let’s work together

I’ll assume you’re here because you’re looking to commission creative work.

That’s my thing, so let’s meet! Reply to my video and I’ll get back to you right away. (Or email me at hello-at-annafilou-dot-com)

I get genuinely excited each time someone reaches out to me and do my absolute best to serve them, if I can. If not, we both walk away having met somebody new — and isn’t that the most interesting part of life? 😁

OK, but what do you do?

Once you contact me…

  1. First, we get on an introductory (video) call to get to know each other a bit and discuss your needs. (If you’re in Athens, Greece, we can meet in person.)
  2. Respecting what we discussed on the call, I send you a (revisable) proposal with the scope, price and terms of the project.
  3. You sign it electronically, pay the agreed deposit (usually half of the fixed price), and I get to work.

Sounds good? Email me at hello-at-annafilou-dot-com or reply to my video above.

💬 Answers to your Questions

“Do you charge by the hour?”

Almost never. I’m a big fan of project-based pricing, where you know how much you’ll pay upfront. With hourly pricing the slower you get the work done, the more you get paid. It motivates you to be slow. But if faster is better, why get paid less for it?

“How much does [X] cost?”

It honestly depends on many factors. While I can’t give you an accurate estimate without hearing the specifics of your project, I can tell you that if you’re looking for someone who charges rock bottom prices, it’s not me. I value my time and yours too. My most recent web projects were in the 1.000–5.000 € range.

“Do you work with WordPress, Joomla, … etc.?”

No. Since complex CMS like WordPress are not necessary for most websites, I work with headless CMS like Forestry. If you can’t switch away from your current system, I will design your site and your developer of choice will develop it.

“Do you make sites on platforms like Wix and Squarespace?”

No. I typically develop sites by writing code in a code editor. I can also use Webflow, but I don’t like working with Wix or similar platforms because of how restrictive they are.

“Can you do [XYZ]?”

If you have something in mind and don’t see any examples of it on my site, but want to work with me, hit me up and ask. I’m open to new challenges and learn new skills all the time. If I can’t do it, I’ll let you know upfront.